FameFunder matches the campaigns actual advertisements with donors contributions. FameFunder is a vehicle for donors to buy social media ads space for their favorite issue, candidate or cause. Donors see the actual audience advertising results of their contribution.
After the ads begin running, donors and campaigns see the statistical ad results so they can follow-up on the success of their favorite advertising campaign and connect with like-minded people who also like the commercial or the campaign.

In-kind Donor Advertising

The total contribution goes directly to the cost of buying the specific advertisements that donors select on the FameFunder web page. The costs are based on the Cost Per Thousand that donors purchase in their ad buy funding budget. They include fees for buying ad space and time, data services, placement and management. Donors pay the credit card fees (5% + 30 cents) at the time of ad space purchase. The donor credit card billing will show a charge to “Democracy Engine” our processor and clearance partner.